The passion within…
April 25, 2016


The passion within...: Photography

The Man Behind The Lens

Before we move on to sharing and interpreting some of my work, I just want to give a little background about me.

I only have been doing photography for a short time, approximately 1 1/2 years from the date of this post. Initially I started my career in the tree service industry and eventually started my own business which I still have today ( I enjoy the business, but there was something I felt that was empty inside of me. My purpose and passion didn’t feel like it was fulfilled.

I believe this happens to many people out there but they just aren’t conscious of it. It’s the very reason why successful people advise others to find something that they love to do or something that they are passionate about.

For some people it’s difficult to find that passion. For me, I just felt that I needed an artistic out and a way to express myself. I am an introverted personality type so I am a pretty quiet person that keeps to myself. But there’s a lot that goes on in my mind and I needed an out to express them.

I bought a Cannon DSLR camera and took photos for my company and did several projects for family events. I fell in love with it. I approached photography as an art that allowed me to capture meaning in a photo. I took photos to express myself and impress an emotion upon the viewers. So, I went with it and delved into making photography into a small business/hobby of mine.

I offered businesses free photoshoots to build my portfolio. One of the challenges I enjoy is trying to capture the business’s image and what they stand for in the photos, much like the LODB photoshoot that I’m sharing with you.

I’m not sure if other photographers share similar passions about photography as an art the way that I do. But finding this passion has been a key fulfillment in my life. I agree with the advice that’s given by other successful people. And I’ll advise everyone the same – find something that you love to do. Find your passion. Find your purpose. And build a life and career from it and I’ll guarantee that you’ll be tap dancing to work everyday, as I do.

– Dave

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