LODB Photoshoot Part Two: Wisdom Is My Weapon
April 25, 2016

In part one of the Last Of A Dying Breed photoshoot, the photos focused on their flagship logo t-shirt in which my goal for shooting that tee was to capture what the brand stood for in the broadest sense.

In the next set of photos we took featured some of the more specific ideals of the brand and what it stood for. I was impressed with their branding strategy of having released their first few designs to kind of educate and associate the clothing brand’s name and what the brand stood for. So, i felt I had to really capture that in the photos.

Wisdom Is My Weapon Photoshoot

Here we have a photo of LODB’s Wisdom Is My Weapon t-shirt. Again, I shot the photo so that the viewer is seemingly looking up to the LODB figure making him look and feel superior. What this does is subliminally suggests the model to be a role model for the viewer. The viewer in essence is “looking up” to the wise LODB model.

The tagged graffiti “plus” sign went well with the t-shirt design as the “+” sign feels like its a symbol for intellect.

Putting The Thinking Cap On

This shot wasn’t a planned pose. I was taking some test shots and I had this on the camera “reel”.

Sometimes the art of photography happens by accident. In this shot I felt that it had the expression of “putting a thinking cap on”. The beanie, which represents the “thinking cap”, was a good touch to create the urban feel for the brand.

Yin And Yang Wisdom

“Wisdom” and “weapon” seems like an oxymoron put together. By the way the Wisdom Is My Weapon design is set up and how the words are positioned, it seems as if it says “wisdom over weapons” or “use wisdom over weapons”. So I played with the Yin/Yang theme in this shot using the inverted color schemes of the t-shirt design to represent the Yin and the Yang.

“It’s an entire story captured in one shot.” – Dave

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