Last Of A Dying Breed Clothing Photoshoot: Part One
April 20, 2016

We did a photoshoot for an up an independent start up clothing brand Last Of A Dying Breed. Their brand and what it stood for was quite intriguing so I reached out to them to offer a free photoshoot.

The meaning of the brand is what resonated with me. Last Of A Dying Breed represents a lifestyle or traits that are a rarity in our generation today such as the wise, the knowledgable, the thinkers, the leaders, the ones who don’t just stand for the status quo, etc. It is a contrarian lifestyle brand which I like. I guess it’s my rebellious mentality.

 Loading Dock LODB Photoshoot

The Last Of A Dying Breed brand’s image of the ideal person who it stood for felt like a powerful person and also a loner. An introverted quiet person came to mind, yet he/she held an inner power filled with knowledge and wisdom.

This is what I tried to capture in the LODB “Lifestyle” photos. In the above picture I tried to capture that powerful person image. As you can see the model is elevated and seems above you. You, the viewer of the picture, are below and looking up. I had the model pose with a swag that shows inner power. And of course he is alone, the loner set apart from the masses as the brand represents.

"Graff" LODB Lifestyle Photoshoot

Last Of A Dying Breed Clothing Company is an urban/hip hop genre’d brand. So of course I needed to capture that image.

Here we have the model, still alone, chilling up against a fence with a graffiti tagged backdrop to create that urban feel. The goal of this shot was to associate the brand as an urban brand and hip/hop brand to the hip hop clothing market.

Stay tuned for more LODB Lifestyle Photoshoot synopsis from yours truly!

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